What Current Participants Are Saying:
"I really liked how there were videos talking you through every step of the way. I think it's really fun."
"Thanks for this wonderful opportunity" - Parent
"easy as playing a video game which i LOVE"
"Charlie was able to follow the lesson well and the written instructions for the assignment are great." - Parent
"I did like this class, it was quite fun. :) :) hope next class is just as fun as this one was"
"I liked the video. the step by step instructions help me know what to do."
"I like learning to type html. It makes me feel smart :D"
"I liked it a lot the way it was. I would not change anything, cant wait for the next one!!"
"Mr. O'leary This lesson was awesome! I'm looking forward to the next lesson! Thank you"
"longer assignment would be fun just cause i want to try more stuff!LOL "
"I just can't wait for the next class!!!!! "
"Today's lesson was so fun! I rate it a 100! I can't wait for more (I'm doing another lesson today!)"
"I liked this lesson a lot. I also went online to see different fonts and colors I could use for the word I could put any attributes on."
"This lesson was a nice lesson. I'm ready for a challenge in the next lesson! Thanks for teaching!"
"Rebecca loves her HTML class...Thanks so much for doing this." - Parent
"Everything is running smooth. Easy to learn, thanks to a good teacher :)"