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Critical Thinking Company

Robinson Curriculum

Language Nut

Well Trained Mind

Classical Conversations

Derek Owens online

Adult Softball

Adult Softball - CANCELLED

Adult Softball

Fort Hunt Little League - Opening Day Ceremonies

Ask The Doc - "Fatigue"

Ask The Doc - "Lyme"

Extraordinary Wellness Club Suspended

Ask Dr. Dave - Dr. Dave takes Wellness Club Member Questions (postponed)

Extraordinary Wellness Club Meeting: "Your 60 Day Action Plan For An Extraordinary 2013"

Transition - Confirmation


Drinking enough water

HCG Coaching Call

HCG Coaching Call

XL - Extraordinary Life - Coaching - Habits to Institute, Eliminate

Product Links Page

Invitation to Become a Member

Food, Inc. Film Screening and Discussion

An Evening with Drs. Dave and Anne

Dr. Anne's Extraordinary Wellness checklist

HCG Coaching Call

LHHP Extraordinary Wellness Event

HCG Coaching Call

(8/9) HCG Coaching Call (Change to Thursday)

HCG Coaching Call

HCG Coaching Call

New Group Kick off Call (Weekly Coaching call to follow at 7:30)

Weekly Coaching Call

Maintenance Phase Information

Maintenance Phase


Calorie Restricted Diet - No HCG

HCG Coaching Call

HCG Coaching Call (6/26)

HCG Coaching Call (7/3)

Pre-Maintenance Call with Dave

Hcg coaching call

Recording of Conf. Call 6/19

Recording of Conference Call (6/12)

HCG Coaching Call

HCG Coaching Call

Interest in Event

Confirmation Page

HCG Coaching Call

Test of Upload

Test of Upload

HCG Recipes

Test Article - Posted by Frazier

HCG Alumni Event

June 5th Coaching Call

Dr. Dave Talks About Fat Loading Phase

Frazier's "Fear is Your Friend" Commentary


Kendra's New Patient Paperwork

Profiles of Members who are interested in Accountability Partners

Complete your VISION for your Success Story and email it to us.

Decide to connect with an Accountability Partner

HCG Group Coaching Call

Register with the Program

Collect HCG package from office

Get blood drawn for lab tests

Get Lab results and Doctor's OK for participation

Review HCG booklets - "Pound and Inches" and "Evolve" handbook

Listen to Dr. Dave's interview about HCG Diet

Listen to/participate on Kendra's "Start Up Nutrition" Call

Schedule individual consult with Kendra

Modify your "Plan" assumptions (starting weight, target days, lbs assumptions)

Buy a food scale and bathroom scale (if necessary)

Drink water

Take HCG drops - 1

Take HCG Drops - 2

Take HCG Drops - 3

Take HCG Drops - 4

Take HCG Drops - 5

Take HCG Drops - 6

Low Calorie Meal - Lunch

Low Calorie Meal - Dinner

Detox Drops I, II, III

CerebroMax, SpinalMax, Matrix Support

Folic Acid and Magnesium

Detox Phase

Fat Load Phase

Calorie Restricted Diet

Recording of Kendra's "Kickoff" Nutrition Call

Member Home Page


Test 2.docx

Recording of "Kickoff Call" (Tuesday, 5/22)

Frazier Test

Hello This is Frazier

Kendra New Patient Questionnaire

Launch page

Dr. Dave's Interview About The Diet

Success Stories

What do I eat?

How am I sure that I keep the weight off once I lose it?

Log in Information

Using video in your business

Intake and Conversion description

Bringing sexy back

Wouldn't you love to have your business ACTUALLY run on automatic?

How to blog when you don't have anything to say