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"The RIGHT STUFF" Workshop & Working Session

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May Class of BIG Network Partners

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Next Working Session: Tue, June 27th (8:30 - 12:30) - Kingstowne/Alexandria


Thanks for connecting with me during my roboCoaching office hours. My virtual assistant, Corky, told me that you were interested in creating some BIG results by creating and integrating the RIGHT "STUFF" into your business.

"What BIG Results?"

Either sharing your knowledge/experience more widely or creating leverage or attracting more (better) prospects, better serving your existing clients, adding a new income source, attracting more referrals, weaponizing your busniess referral group or SOMETHING.

Ok, I'll stop talking now.
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Top Secret - Draft Only - Invitation Only - Pre-Launch Partner Opportunity

On Friday, May 26th, at our BIG Networking Lunch at Bungalow Sports Grill, I'm going to officially launch our BIG Community and BIG Network.

Over the next year, there will be many, many opportunities to get involved and use this to acclerate your business growth BUT I wanted to give you a special invitation to become an early partner (especially if you'd like to participate in our May 24th "Creating Stuff for Your Business" working session AND you like being one of those "employee #7 at Google" people.)

No need to pay anything right now - literally just seeing which of the benefits/bonuses are most interested and allowing those of you who are interested to "lock in" a member number by telling me.

Here are the immediate benefits of being a BIG Network partner: (cost is $125 for year).
Recognition as a BIG Network Partner on web site with enhanced profile (as opposed to BIG Community members - free/no investment)
"Prioritization" on Frazier Network Introductions/Connections (this will just naturally happen - it doesn't mean I don't love everyone the same!)
Receive physical copy of new BIG Network Handbook with over 125 pages of business acceleration resources, templates, checklists, articles, advice, and network partner profiles.
Your Business Profile will be included in the physical BIG Handbook distributed to new partners and distributed electronically to new community members.
Ability to identify and promote Your BIG CAUSE on web site and handbook (more on the benefits of that later but there will be many!)
Ability to endorse/nominate other businesses to be included in BIG Guides (you'll be able to be a hero in your business partnes in many ways)
an awesome BIG lapel pin. (my favorite!)
substantial partner discounts on BIG workshops, products (including the "making the right stuff" working session on May 24th)

SPECIAL BONUS - Choose BONUS from this list that you think would most help you (more info to come)

NETWORKING - I will activate a BIG Community Hub Networking directory for your church, neighborhood, PTA, or service organization and show you how to share the link through, and directly to make you a business hero in your community.
TEAM PROMOTION - Invite up to 6 business referral group team members to a special session (8:30 - 9:30 ) on Wed, May 24th where we'll scan in business cards, take team photo, and deliver a ready to use "team brochure" to you/your team to use in marketing.
CONTENT - Get audio/video from "Creating the Right STUFF for your business" Presentation on Wed, May 24th if you can't/don't attend.
TEAM ACTIVATION - I will activate an email survey of up to 20 of your business network members to gauge how clear they are on WHAT YOU DO and WHO YOU ARE LOOKING FOR and evaluate what THEY are doing to grow their businesses. Also solicit business testimonials.
TESTIMONIALS- Client "Success Stories"/Lesssons Learned Collection - I will give you a link to email to your client list soliciting lessons learned/success stories to compile into a "success" guide for your current/future clients.

Stuff Creation Workshop & Working Session - Wed, May 24th

Date: Wednesday, 5/24
Time: 8:30 - 12:30
Location: Keller-Williams Kingstowne
Pre-Workshop Homework - Refine your Vision, Collect Your Raw Materials
8:30 - 9:30: EARLY BIRD: Bring Your Business Partners for Partner Brochure Creation
9:30 - 10:30: Blueprint and Benefits
10:30 - 12:30: Laptop Working Session
30 Day Group Coaching
Accelerate to Your "Right Stuff" Deliverable Payment Options

Special Project - Frazier Does It For You

check with frazier
(Typical $4500 - $7500; depending on project scope)
If after workshop, you decide you want THIS, price/scope can be adjusted based on progress.
Contact Frazier For Availability

Do It Together

Full Workshop and Working Session (includes 30 day group coaching)
Can't make the session? Get the Handbook, Audio/Video of Workshop, and 30 day group coaching: $300.00
BONUS: BEST Progress after 30 days will get Refund and "Mr. BIG Stuff" award.
"Consideration Cart" - Your Preferences/Answers will be Stored:
Let's be honest - you PROBABLY serve your clients in a unique way that you've developed in your experience.
How are you coaching yoru clients?
Run your business like a business.
One of my favorite techniques is to define the way you serve - the questions they ask.
As you're interacting with this, you know yuo're thinking.. THis is cool. I wish I could have something like this. Maybe that looks a little/better different. Definitely the picture looking better/different. Why not?.
Once your prospects make the decision, the goal is to begin serving them and connecting them with your resources.
THis is one of the best decisions you can make - to define and improve your intake and conversion system. (Or if you prefer, an intake and EMPOWERMENT sequence to help your prospects make a decision.
This is one of my favorite share your gifts strategies. Developing a client/customer handbook allows you to bring together your raw materials and start organizing it to provide maximum value for your clients. And your prospects, clients LOVE stuff. We all feel better and better served when we walk out of a meeting with something tangible, something big.
There may be no better way to firmly establish your authority and celebrity with old and new clients than sharing your knowledge and experience in a book. in addition to being able to distribute your book to prospects, your existing customer list, you can start promoting it to attract new clients.

Other benefits:
- Endorsements
- share with community/industry influencers for feedback/testimonials
This isn't AS Good in terms of credibility and celebrity as a "REAL" book but it's a great way to share your knowledge/experience.
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